By Brendon Lye

What is detoxification?

Detoxification, or “detox” for short, is the body’s process of removing toxic substances. Detoxification is not a food, or diet, or a pill – it is an ongoing, VITAL process that your body does (all on its own) in order to survive. It happens 24/7, 365 days of the year. Not just for a few days or weeks prescribed to “do a detox”.

Your main detoxification organs are the liver and kidneys. The bowels and urinary tract are extensions of these organs as wastes exit your body.

The skin (via sweat) and the lungs (via breathing/expelling CO2) are also considered detoxification organs.

All together, these organs are often referred to as detoxification pathways. In layman’s terms: the pathways that toxins take to move through and exit your body.

Get the best results from your detox

Plan your detox to get  the best results.

If you have some large events/celebrations coming up – do not do your detox then. Choose a time when you are not busy. Detoxing is a time toxins are released and removed through your digestive tract. Headaches could occur if you are not hydrated enough. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Drink more pure water. Avoid white flour, white sugar, refined foods and meat. Detox for a minimum week to 10 days – maintain the better diet as much as you can after you finished. Use supplementation if needed due to lifestyle/work or dietary needs. It is often hard to eat enough good nutritious food for our busy lifestyles. Antioxidants, whole food powders and herbal liver combinations can be beneficial.

Always get advice and take as directed.

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