Get ready for Summer

By Brendon Lye

Feeling bloated? Needing some care before summer? Think about doing a detox. A detox will support your own body to better eliminate toxins. Better absorb nutrients and break down food. Your liver supported and cleaner will help your body function better. Immunity, energy and toxin elimination can improve.Your liver and body will love you for it. Start with drinking tea – herbal tea. Add dandelion leaves and flowers to your salads (non sprayed) and add anti oxidants, acidophilus/probiotics and drink lots of pure water to support the detox.

Those headaches could be from too many toxins – and if you get a head ache during a detox – drink more water or herbal tea. There are so many detox’s on the market – the best thing is to talk to your natural health professional and get the right one for you.

Natural Health works – get the right advice for the right results!

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