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By Brendon Lye

Hello – Monica here from Naturally Healthy.

Hereby an article that I have just received – But first some information to explain.

At Naturally Healthy we offer 3 different forms of hair analysis.

  • A general hair analysis
  • Hair analysis for allergies
  • Cell Well Being.

The general and allergies based analysis are sent away the an appointment can be made with Frans van de Weerd at Naturally Healthy to analyze the test.

All these tests can be done at your convenience in store by the staff at Naturally Healthy. No bookings needed. The general and allergies test does need to be sent away while the cell well being test is in our in box with in 12 minutes. Everything is confidential –

Cell Well being is done in store at Naturally Healthy London Street Hamilton – at your convenience – no appointment needed. The analysis is sent to your private e mail address and our team are available to discuss all assets of the results. This test can be done every 3 months if needed.

We have found it exceptional.

Hereby an article about cell well being.

The mind and the body are one entity of union and harmony and together they form the right
balance in order to have health.
It is not science fiction, but something that is in our lives every day. Illness is a warning that the
body sends to the mind that something in the spirit is not well. This means that healing is
something within our reach…
Most people are worried about diet rather than a comfortable relationship with food. Eating is
an act of relationship with food, it is there not to quench gluttony, hunger, but its function is
healthy nutrition that leads to the body and spirit the right nutrients for total balance.
If we are careful to seek out and know which foods that help us to fight certain diseases, we
become more conscious with our body. Like breathing, or sleeping, eating is an act of the
human’s primary instinct, so we must evolve to a better relationship with food.
In a more feminine and romantic view of life, health, being a feminine designation,
represents in my view a role similar to that of women.
… In the past and the present, being a woman is being multiple in one …
It is to know how to give, without receiving and even to smile by being able to multiply …
It is not to give up, even if the journey can be made of stones that tear when we walk …
To be a woman is to be able to be reborn in each child and relearn through the new being …
To be a woman is to be everything you want!
This is the role of health, it is to be renewed life each new day
When the society we are in refers us to various disagreements
with our body, we are modifying the Cell Wellbeing.
A portuguese researcher Pedro Domingos, a professor at the University of Washington in
Seattle, wrote the book “The Master Algorithm.” In it we clearly know that algorithms are
increasingly taking on the role of observers and evaluators, who are able to assess and predict
our behaviors.
The master algorithm is the key that opens all the ports and that is able to decipher us
effectively, accurately and without errors. In our body this algorithm is the food.
Increasingly, artificial intelligence becomes a vast universe where automatic learning is able to
evolve rapidly. For example: today, there are technological resources, based on scientific
concepts of evaluation through algorithms (quantum physics) that decipher the biological
markers contained in the hair.
The hair, when in contact with the dermis, has living cells, which contain DNA in its nucleus. Its
mineral constitution reflects the generality of the organs (bones, muscles, liver, marrow) among
others. The information stored in the macro and microenvironment of the body takes 80 days
to reach the surface.
When we evaluate a few hair strands through an algorithm marker, we can obtain information
that allows us to not only change our habits of life, but also to shape a functional and
personalized nutrition focused on our real needs.
This is not science fiction, it’s science, it’s evolution, using a knowledge management resource
available to all of us … after all, when we do a search on Wikipedia, we’re using the same
information technology.
If we can avoid and prevent diseases, modulate the mistakes that throughout life we have
been introducing in this computer that we call “Human Body”, why not use their own
resource, their algorithms and introduce frequency shift data, a healthy food?
The Wellbeing of the human cell depends only on us … And in my
role as a woman, I can only say … “I like to live”…
Great is the body and becomes light when treading the path of fine sands …
Calm is the heart, which becomes daring to savor the breeze of life that is light in stepping and
meek in living”
Original Publication:
Dra. Paula Mouta

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