How can we help during lockdown?

By Monica van de Weerd
How can we help with covid-19 when our store is in lock down. 
In store - along side our natural remedies - we always have the whole of your well being in mind.
And we know that one of the ways we lessen the immune systems capacity to act - is through stress.
Stress triggers our fight or flight response.
Our whole body gets ready to to fight - fight for survival - and flight - RUN. Run Fast.
Through todays expectations on us through society, finances and work - we are often in fight or flight mode for days, weeks even months at a time.
When we are in this mode our body does everything to keep us safe.
At the cost of placing most of your focus and energy on survival.
This goes at the cost of your immunity, hormonal and nervous systems.
As well as your adrenals that are on constant high alert during this time.
There are many support mechanisms to help you in this situation.
And we can discuss these for you - personally.
But the bottom line is finding ways to keep you in the present.
Whether your mind is remembering stressful/emotional situations, triggered by a current scenario or actually in a current stress triggering scenario.
Your body (re) acts the same way.
Think about 2 things:
- Am I safe right now.
- Is there anything I need to do at this moment that will / can change this situation.
Act accordingly - then find a place to recover, breathe and stay safe.
If the stress is due to what happened in the past  - find ways to distract your mind to stay in the present.
Remember what your mind thinks - the body responds to as it it were reality.
If the stress is due to future fears. (a topic I will discuss in my next write up)
Act on what is possible with-in your means - rationally.
Write it down so you do not have to think about it all the time.
And ensure you stay in the present with distractions of laughter, happiness and love from family and friends.
The key is - your minds thoughts are real to your body and you will respond to them that way.
Finding ways to stay in the present with love, laughter and happiness ensures your body has the best capacity to look after your immunity.
If you would like support with stress or any other query.
Monica is available at 
Our Therapist Frans is available at
Phone our store or shop on line FREIGHT FREE during Lock down.
KIA KAHA - Stay Safe

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