Naturally Healthy Sponsors Local Athelete

By Brendon Lye

Naturally Healthy helped me and they can help you too!! (IBS and Athletes)
Naturally Healthy helped me with the management of my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). 
They understood how frustrating and energy draining the symptoms of IBS are, and they took the time to really understand what could be do to benefit me.
I am elite cyclist therefore having my body functioning to it’s very best is a huge advantage when racing and also during the tough hours spent training. The issues I was having with my bowel meant that the important nutrients I needed to recover were not effectively being absorb by my body, therefore leaving me feeling tired, low on energy and not performing to my potential.
A thorough consultation and the use of homeopathy remedies helped to relief my symptoms and also provided supplements to improve my overall health and to increase my sporting performance. The products Naturally Healthy suggested were all products that are free of allergies and easy on the digestive system, which is perfect for me.
So for anyone out there, athlete or non-athlete, suffereing for any bowel or digestions problem go and see the lovely team at Naturally Healthy who can assist you and recommend the best products to improve the way you feel.
– Emma Poole

Visit me on Facebook or Instagram to follow my process as an elite athlete with IBS. Facebook Page: Emma Poole (Athleteemma)
Instagram: Athleteemma #athleteemma

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