Sattva Soul Supplements began out of Sattva Soul Retreats

By Monica van de Weerd


Sattva Soul Supplements began out of Sattva Soul Retreats, a Women's Wellness Events and Retreats Company with events worldwide, from LA, NZ, and Bali, Indonesia.

Through these retreats transforming women's lives through different holistic healing practices, Celine; Sattva Soul's Founder, thought it would be great if there was a way to support women in their daily lives so they could practice their own self-care and thus, Sattva Soul Supplements were born.

Celine went to India and Sri Lanka to study Ayurvedic medicine, which is the
sister, holistic medicine to Yoga and Meditation. She worked with the finest
doctors and practitioners to create the best ancient Ayurvedic supplement range
and make it accessible to the modern man/woman so it can support them in
their current lifestyles.

Sattva Soul Supplements are all natural, grown on organic farms in the northern
mountains of Kandy, Sri Lanka and harvestedwhere they are delivered directly
to you via Sattva Soul Supplements.

Since Sattva means 'balance' in ancient Sanskrit, so through each supplement, we hope it can support you on your journey and bring you a little more balance and ease into this busy modern world.


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