Stop cold sores before they start

By Brendon Lye

Labimint Acute Lip Care: Assisted by the powers of nature

When the wind and rain chap our otherwise soft lips, a cold exhausts our immune system or work saps all our energy, many people develop itchy, painful cold sores. At times like this, the power of nature can come to their aid: applied at the right moment, Labimint Acute Lip Care can prevent unpleasant cold sores from forming.

The skin on our lips needs particular care and protection, especially during the formation and healing phases. Dr. Hauschka Med Labimint Acute Lip Care was specially developed to meet the needs of people prone to cold sores. The unique formulation contains a blend of purely natural ingredients with healing properties that can be instantly enjoyed.

Regular preventative care by applying Labimint to healthy lips keeps them silky soft and helps prevent future problems. Stop cold sores before they start.

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