STRESS - how to cope

By Monica van de Weerd

How are you going with the constant worry, anxiety and confusion of today’s times.

Many of us have brain fog, sleeping badly and finding it hard to stay kind.

Our bodies are going into fight or flight mode.

This is a left over mechanism for survival from our ancestors past when on the savannah they encounter a sabre tooth tiger.

This same mode is triggered when we are stressed.

Great for short term survival – very bad with modern stress.


Our bodies shut down other functions to be ready to run or fight.

Our adrenal glands pumped and ready to fire.

Over time this is very detrimental to our health.

Affecting digestion, nerves, circulation and capacity to stay calm.


If this is affecting you.

You will need to make time to de stress.

When you place your body in a state/moment of ‘peace’ and calm breathing.

Your body will believe you are ‘safe’.

Practice this mindfulness through breathing, stretching, exercise, music etc.

Find your happy place – and ‘be happy’ in that moment.

Watch your breathing.

Calm deep breathing will tell your body you are ‘safe’

Watch your mind talk.

Staying in the present will help your body to stay calm.

When your body feels ‘safe’ and breathes like you are not stressed.

The fight or flight adrenal and heart re action will be mollified.

And the reactionary state subside.

And this equates to better health.

 Stress gives rise to higher cortisol levels in the blood.

These in turn make it difficult to sleep.

I recommend SATTVA Ashwagandha.

Take 2 capsules between dinner and bedtime to lessen the cortisol levels and aid better sleep.

For best results the therapeutic dosage must be taken.

2 capsules of our Ashwagandha is a therapeutic dose.

To combat stress It is vital to get enough sleep


Drink enough water

And stay away from processed high sugar/fat foods.

Supporting you to being in the best wellness you can obtain while we go through these difficult times.

Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing, which has been prescribed as a stress adaptogen, first discovered in 6,000 BC!

An adaptogenic herb is a highly effective, evidence-based remedy to help reduce stress, fatigue, and worry—by supporting normal cortisol and GABA levels, helping the body adapt to stress.

Or take 1-2 capsules, 1-2 times daily to support the following:




      Trouble sleeping

Kia Kaha NZ.

  • Always take as directed

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