Surviving Stress

By Brendon Lye
Not enough sleep – too much work? Loss, grief and so much more?
Our nerves and adrenals can only handle so much.
After long term stress digestion, hormones and thyroid will find it hard to function normally too.
People say let it go. You worry too much etc.
But life’s situations are not always that easy.
Often we cannot simply ‘step out’ for a moment and rejoin the pace. Or if you do – you do it because you are so run down – and have become very ill.
What to do to maintain your life while under stress.
– drink enough water
– get enough sleep
– be gentle/kind with yourself
– take time every day to breathe – in your garden, in a park, by a window. Start with 5 minutes. See if you can make it 15.
– give your self goals that are obtainable
– do some exercise that you enjoy.
– bathe in nurturing mineral salts (natural) – aromatherapy oils – natural bath elixers – have a look at the kneipp range (my favorite). make it special – light a candle and burn some aromatherapy oils.
– eat light/easily digested foods – take a high nutrition smoothie – the RAW brand makes that so easy
– think of B Complex and relaxation herbal tinctures/supplements. Be careful with herbs beside medication. A good health store will show you what you can take safely.
– Listen to your body, your immune system might need strengthening or support – your nerves nurture and calm supporting herbs.
– Cannot sleep due to too much thinking – mind won’t stop talking? Nux vomica homeopathically or Naturopharm insomed for sleep.
– take a moment regularly and take that deep breath as often as you can
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