Week 2 of level 2

By Monica van de Weerd

Last week we talked about Stress affecting your immune system.
Breathing, Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition and Mind Nurturing are fundamental to maintaining your immunity and sanity during this time.
Forming these daily routines into habits is strongly recommended.
As that is the reality of what this lockdown has left us with economically - will need to survived.
Financially we will not all be in the same pattern as we used to be.
For many it may well be darn right tough.

How do we help our bodies to get through stress nutritionally.
Drink enough water.
Get enough fresh air and exercise.
Get enough sleep.
Do some form of mind relaxation.
Keep away from foods that place more stress on your body.

What are those foods?
White sugar, refined foods, saturated fats and artificial colouring all add to your bodies stress.
For Example White sugar.
It gives an instant hit of energy, then dissipate just as quickly.
Leaving your body struggling to balance  sugar levels which also affect your emotions, immunity and well being.

Work on a good nutritional diet - and if you falter - do not worry.
Just start again until it becomes normal.

If stress gets/is too much.
We can help -
We are back in store with all the ‘keep you and our team safe’ requirements.
You can phone our store (079583845) and talk to the team or Book a consult with Frans.
 Like our face book page for daily information on health and well being - naturally.
For now think of.
Rescue Remedy - acute emotional stress
B Complex - acute emotional and nervous system stress.
Saffron - Mood, Emotional Balance and Brain Neural Health.
Sleep by remifemin - promotes calmness and restfulness.


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