Fertility Program

Before participating in the seminar on fertility with Australian homeopath Liz Laylor I already had been successfully treating couples for infertility. Introducing her knowledge has enhanced my treatments by combining Liz’s ideas with my own.

Difficulties with conceiving can happen for different reasons; this is why for the homeopathic part of the program the remedies are prescribed per the individual. This means that the remedies are given specifically for the symptoms and problems that are underlying the problems in conceiving; this also applies to both male and female.

In this program the homeopathic remedies are supported by herbal and other supplements to enhance functions of the body. These supplements and herbs are also prescribed depending on the person’s needs of support necessary.

No program is the same as it always focuses on the individual needs of the person. But usually it is a combination of different homeopathic remedies, herbs and a mineral – vitamin combination.

The initial consultation takes an hour.  In this consultation I need to know about general health and hormonal issues this helps me to identify where the emphasis needs to be. It is best for both partners to be at this initial consultation not only do I support the male with supplements as well, it is also important to go through general guidelines with both partners.

There is a follow up consultation after 4 weeks. In this consultation I go through the changes in the symptoms that needed regulating and adjust the program if necessary.

Within 4 cycles there needs to be positive results, the hormonal system will have balanced in an optimum by then and if there is no pregnancy, further medical examination will be required.

Phone 07 958 3845 for your appointment.

Consultations done by Frans van de Weerd

Frans van de Weerd,

HANDS ON Complementary Health Practitioner.

BA Physiotherapy,



Dip Hom. MNZHom

715 Grey Street,



Phone 07 958 3845

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