Frans van de Weerd – Practitioner






Professional Homeopath, Manual Therapist, Ba Physio, Craniosacral Therapy, Bowen Technique


Frans qualified as a Health Practitioner in 1981 with BA Physiotherapy (NETHERLANDS).

In 1993 Frans qualified as a Classical Homeopath (NZ), this allowed him to complement his treatments and enable him to support a wider variety of health complaints. He is also fully qualified in CranioSacral Therapy and working on organs with Visceral Releases as wel asl using Bowen Technique (AUSTRALIA).  


Our body is an incredible and powerful organism with an inbuilt will to stay healthy and strong. Frans does not use strong forceful modalities in his treatments; all it takes are gentle, supporting and stimulating techniques to guide the body back in balance and health.

The symptoms of any discomfort you feel are simply signals that your body is struggling to maintain that state of health.
This means that it is about finding and dealing with the root of the problem and not just working on the discomfort itself.

As individuals, with our own personal lifestyle, we all develop our own specific complaints and need a treatment specific for the person.
We are as healthy as the environment we live and work in. If symptoms persist, an assessment of this environment needs to take place to identify the cause of the problem.

I do not treat the illness or discomfort, but the person with the illness or discomfort.
The treatment of the illness or discomfort is focused on the person with the symptoms. As a health professional Frans follows a holistic approach of health and wellbeing.


For more information contact Frans at Naturally Healthy.

Email address – phone 07 958 3845

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