What is Homoeopathy?
Your body is an incredible and powerful organism with an inbuilt will to stay healthy and strong. The symptoms of any illness you feel are simply signals that your body is struggling to maintain that state of health. Homoeopathic preparations are designed to work with your body to achieve its ultimate goal of health and balance.

How was Homoeopathy discovered?
Dr Samuel Hahnemann developed homoeopathy 200 years ago. Many of his patients were no longer satisfied with the conventional medicines he was prescribing. These patients found that the conventional medicines weren’t making them well, but they were causing many unpleasant side effects. This led Dr Hahnemann to turn away from conventional medicine in search of safer, more natural wellness options. He was drawn to the writings of Hippocrates from 400 BC, where Hahnemann rediscovered the basis of homoeopathy that “like cures like”.

This principal means that a substance, which in large doses causes the symptoms of the illness can be used in minute doses to relieve those same symptoms. This principle is called the “Law of Similar”. This means that a homeopathic remedy for insomnia could include minuscule amounts of coffee.

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Frans van de Weerd - Professional Homeopath, Manual Therapist, Ba Physio, Craniosacral Therapy, Bowen Technique

Frans qualified as a Health Practitioner in 1981 with BA Physiotherapy (NETHERLANDS).

In 1993 Frans qualified as a Classical Homeopath (NZ), this allowed him to complement his treatments and enable him to support a wider variety of health complaints. He is also fully qualified in CranioSacral Therapy and working on organs with Visceral Releases as wel as using Bowen Technique (AUSTRALIA).  

For more information contact Frans at Naturally Healthy   :

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