Shawn Benson

Hi there!

Shawn Benson- van de Weerd here.

Been at Naturally Healthy for a while now.

Love working at Naturally Healthy, the shop has such a wonderful, healing vibe.

The products from supplements to skin care are professionally chosen, and are the best for you and your family.

Also you have choices, which is so nice.

End of the day, we are here to give you the best professional care, help and advice.

The Staff are truly wonderful, and are my second family. Each and everyone of us know our stuff, and we keep learning to make sure we know it and are well informed for you.

Frans and Monica (Not only my amazing parents) But together have made this amazing Store and Clinic.

Frans is your number one Health professional.

Physio, Homeopathy to Herbs and supplements.

I have seen him heal so many clients, truly a remarkable man.

Monica keeps this business a float.

The way the shop is and the products on the shelf are from her.

And if you need help with any products she also knows her info.

Monica is such a hard working, committed wonderful lady. Who I look up too and admire so much.

So, Naturally Healthy is a family run, natural health store.

We are passionate about our products, and want what’s best for you – our customer and clients.

Whether it be a flu/cold, a body part sore or just looking to spoil yourself, a friend or family member with a beautiful soaps, makeup, or a stunning salt lamp, we have it !

And as my mother says

‘From our family, to your family’

Cheers to Natural Health and my amazing family


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