By Monica van de Weerd

🌟🎄 Good, clean fun this Christmas 🎄🌟

Last week’s blog focused on the first step in getting your gut ready for the Christmas fun times.

We discussed how cleaning your gut of built-up waste is a slow but ultimately, hugely rewarding task. A clean gut is an efficient, effective workhorse for your body - processing and dispersing nutrients and hydration and disposing of waste material.

Cleaning your gut is a big, important topic so we’ll keep looking at it in this blog edition. Also, this is just Week 2 of getting gut ready for the Holiday period so we’re still in cleaning mode.

The mantra for removing waste from your digestive system is take your time, take it easy, take it slow.

Some harsh words

There’s always a motivation to get ‘fixed’ quick. There’s any number of big promising, fast detoxes or cleanses. They all rely on harsh actions and drastic changes.

Lee says, “I see many clients a week. And most are in a rush to treat their health. I can relate as I’m often in the same mindset of just getting better again.

I have to remind my clients (and myself) that health takes time. Patience is not only a virtue, it's a necessity for your health. This is especially so for gut health. It’s a large organ with a lot of work to do, all day, everyday.

I’m quite against fast detoxes. They just don’t work and can cause more issues than they address. I see clients who need help after putting their body and gut through a harsh detox or clean. Don’t do it!

There’s a better way and that’s time and focus.”

Clean thoughts

This month just keep the focus on cleaning your gut. Keep going on eating more fibre, drinking more water and loving your gut with diatomaceous earth and fulvic humic.

This week let’s up our gut game a little with some ideas and practices to keep the waste build-up to a minimum.

  1. One day without. Pick a day, any day, and go without your usual coffee, tea or alcoholic drink. Sounds easy but we all know that temptation will raise its alluring head. Resist! Just one 24 hour period. That’s all!
  2. 16/8 fast day. This could be the same day you go without coffee or alcohol. Ideally, it’s another day. Only 2 days out of 7 is doable! (Also, think of all the days coming up where you can relax and enjoy the festivities with the knowledge you’ve put the work in for your health).
    16/8 fasting is super simple. It involves 
    limiting your food intake and calories to an 8 hour window. The ‘16’ is the time where you don’t eat (but you drink lots of water or herbal tea).
    The amount of calories is up to you. Try 800 calories or if it’s easier for you, halve the daily recommended amount, that is 2,000 (8,400 kilojoules) calories for women and 2,500 (10,500 kilojoules) for men.
    NB. Before fasting, consult with your health care professional if you have any health conditions.

Next week’s blog will continue the cleaning the gut theme. We’ll look at massages and food ideas to help get things ‘moving’.

Want to know what Lee Holmes' Day on a Plate looks like? Check out this NEW blog on Lee's "Day on a Plate" - Intermittent Fasting style, which includes some delicious recipes like this Sweet Sicilian Caponata.

Lee Holmes. Supercharged Food

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