COVID-19: Managing Stress & Anxiety during Uncertainty

By Monica van de Weerd

How to Stop Stress Getting the Best of You

Keeping healthy and sane in this topsy, turvy world.

It's not hard to identify a multitude of stress triggers surrounding us all during these COVID-19 days, but how do we stop anxiety from getting the better of us and our bodies?

The key to managing stress and anxiety is finding routine in the chaos and uncertainty, and maintaining or forming healthy, positive habits. When things are up in the air, it is important to focus on the things you can control. Let's start with your physical and mental health.

We've put together a few tips on things you can focus on and start to form some great habits that will see you through this unsettled period and beyond. At different points, you might falter and that is ok. Do not worry, pick yourself up and start again. There are tough times ahead but together, we stand strong.

Top Tips

Maintain Your Sanity (and Immunity)


Work on maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. What you put in your body can negatively or positively impact your emotions, immunity and wellbeing so try to avoid white sugar, refined foods, saturated fats and artificial colouring.


Exercise reduces levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Aim to move your body every day, even a walk around the block will help both your body and your headspace.


Stress and anxiety can cause sleep problems but it's vital for your body to rest, restore and recover. Do your best to get your 8 hours in and try to find short moments throughout the day to relax your mind.

Advice & Therapy When You Need It


We continue to support our customers via phone, email and online consultations. To discuss your family's wellbeing, simply give us a call on 07 958 3845.

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