Echinacea - the tingle on your tongue

By Brendon Lye
Echinacea species, commonly known as Purple Coneflower, have a long history of medicinal use. It originates from North America and possesses a unique immune stimulating action that has been proven in clinical trials to support non-specific cellular immunity.
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The alkylamides/alkamides are regarded as having the most important immunostimulant activity. Alkylamides are absorbed from the digestive tract and produce the ‘tongue tingling’ sensation. The intensity of ‘tingle’ you get on your tongue, after taking liquid Echinacea, is a crude indicator of the level of actives in the extract used in our Kiwiherb Echinacea containing products.
Which Plant Part is Best?
Echinacea root has the highest concentration of alkylamides and is the part of the plant which was traditionally used by North American Indians and early eclectic physicians. There is also evidence of a higher risk of allergic reactions from preparations made from the aerial parts of the plant (flower, leaves & stems).

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