Enjoy the health benefits of PRO-AGING, with these key ANTI-AGING nutrients.⁣

As we age our immune cells become less active making us vulnerable to the impact of toxic elements.

A protein in the body that improves muscle mass, prevents bone loss, relieves joint pain and improves skin elasticity. Food sources - bone broth, chicken, fish, citrus fruit and berries.

SELENIUM [brazil nut]⁣
A trace mineral that prevents vitamin E deficiency that may reduce the aging effects of DNA damage. A single Brazil nut contains 68–91mcg of selenium, which provides the daily recommended allowance for adults (55mcg).⁣

VITAMIN E [pot plant]⁣
High antioxidant, fat-soluble vitamin that supports blood circulation, brain & skin health. Try nuts, like almonds, seeds, spinach and other beet greens.

An antioxidant plant compound commonly found in red wine. It's anti-aging properties are likely due to its ability to lengthen chromosomes and activating a gene called SIRT1 to promote metabolism.⁣

A number of reports indicate that vitamin C helps boost the immune system and protects against oxidative stress. Available in a variety of foods like citrus, peppers, strawberries and broccoli. If supplementing, the daily recommended amount for an adult is 65 to 90 mg. Try our Biomax® Vitamin C Liposomal⁣

A natural compound of the turmeric spice with powerful cellular antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Supplementing is best to get adequate dosage. Try our Bio-Curcumin® BCM95®.⁣

COQ10 🍓
An antioxidant that promotes the production of collagen and improves how cells transform energy. In foods like organ meat, fatty fish, seeds like sesame seeds, oranges & strawberries. If supplementing, try our Biomax® CoQ10 Microactive⁣

Free radicals are the number one cause of aging in the body - oral antioxidants in the form of supplements and food are crucial to protect the body from the inside. Glutathione is known as ‘the mother of all antioxidants’ & is an excellent healthy aging tool. Try our Biomax® Glutathione Liposomal.⁣

Eat well, live well, and enjoy aging, It's a powerful blessing.⁣

Source Coyne Health Care

- always take as directed.

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