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GIVE US A BREAK! How to Enjoy Easter Break


Let’s all take a break this Easter Break. Give ourselves a bit of a break from concerns and worries and let our hair down!

One area we can start to take a break from is our diet. This may seem surprising from Supercharged Food where we place our diet right there amongst the most important aspects of life. However, when the occasion calls for a relaxed indulgence, social times and good ol’ fashion fun, we are all here for it!

Easter time can be that kind of time. Where we let ourselves go a bit. There’s time to be with friends and family, to go to lush restaurants, atmospheric bars and breakfasts that roll into brunches that move onto afternoon snacks then onto dinner. Why not?! Indeed!

Here are some ideas to help you enjoy the good times and not worry too much about the ingredient list.

Lee Holmes, Clinical Nutritionist and Lettuce Juggler

Lee Holmes, Clinical Nutritionist and Lettuce Juggler

Lee Holmes, Clinical Nutritionist from Supercharged Food says “I see many people in my clinic who are hyper focused on their health and their particular health condition. It makes perfect sense especially when health is such a foundational aspect of a good life. I see it in myself too. I’m across reems of food and health related research and data. I’m a voracious consumer of it. It’s endlessly fascinating to me and, I hope, helpful to my clients. I’m also fairly careful of what I eat as my diet directly affects my autoimmune condition and the occasional symptoms I have.

Having said that, I like to let go sometimes. I recommend this to my clients too. Easter is one such time. It’s only four days so our health can handle a little splurge. There are some sneaky strategies though to have your cake and eat it too. To mitigate the indulgence with some pre-game preparation and some post-game tactics.”

Get Your Gut Flourishing Before The Easter Flourish

Pre-Game Prep

In the days leading up to the fun and games, take a few measures to prep your system, your gut in particular.

Take and increase your dose of Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder and capsules. Really clean and tone your gut so it can process the heck out of the fattier, more sugary foods it comes up against.

Eat more fibre. Green leafy vegetables, foods with some roughage.

De-stress With A Good Book

De-stress. Rather than using food and drink to feed our feelings, get ahead of the game by taking some time for a relaxing walk, gym workout, play with the kids, and meditate. Anything to take some stress out before putting food in.

Game Day

OK, it’s time to play! What are some of the things you can do to be in the moment (and not chill the vibe).

  • Drink plenty of water. It not only helps flush out the bad stuff, it can also help fill us up so we can put a natural lid on our appetite.
  • Again, capsules. Take a double dose.
  • Add a few drops of Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic to any alcoholic beverage. It’s tasteless like the shirt that fella on the other table is sporting. It also helps reduce the effects and after effects of alcohol.

Add A Few Drops Of Fulvic Humic Into Alcoholic Drinks

Barking Up The Right Tree

It’s our little secret, OK? Make this delicious (shhhh, healthy) indulgent Easter Bunny Bark for when people pop over or take it to a friendly gathering and stand back for the ‘ooooooo’s’ of pleasure.

Post Game.

Let’s make a pact to not regret the fun times if they led to a bit (or a lot of) indulgence. It’s a long game so we have plenty of time to reset the nutritional balance.

Again, eating loads of fibre-rich foods will help things move in your gut. So does plenty of water. Ginger or peppermint tea (preferably avoid or limit caffeine teas and coffees as they are dehydrating). Try these teas with fresh ginger or peppermint leaves. It’s not always practical compared to a tea bag but it’s sooooo delicious!

Forgive another plug but any (or all) of our Love Your Gut products will help fast-track you back to good gut health.

The Best Thing For Your Belly.

Aside from our Love Your Gut Gut products, there’s one simple remedy for all that ails us. BIG BELLY LAUGHS!! Bust out a few of these belly jiggling ideas this Easter.

  • Let go and be silly (embarrassingly so)
  • Come prepared to a gathering with a good gag (Dad jokes are acceptable)
  • Create something funny with your dishes: smiley faces are a good place to start
  • Fancy dress it up! Dress yourself up, your kids up, your pets up, the sillier the better!
  • Share a funny bunny meme with the person next to you.

Lee Holmes. Supercharged Food

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