Good digestion is one of the main keys to health

By Monica van de Weerd

Good digestion is one of the main keys to health.

Is your digestion system working as it should?

An optimal digestive system supports immunity, energy, recovery, and overall well-being.

There are 3 main reasons your digestive system may not be able to look after you as it should:

  • Lesser enzyme production (from aging) and stress could cause irregular function.
  • If your gut lining is less than optimum. Stress and age again could be a cause.
  • Allergies to certain foods.

The stress mentioned in points one and two could be due to emotions or dietary reasons.

If you are concerned about your digestion, talk to the team at Naturally Healthy about how we can help get the best results for you.

Or check out the great products below that may support you.

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Digestion Support

Wild Dispensary Liver Bitters 50mls

Wild Dispensary Liver Bitters is a synergy of carefully selected organic herbs for liver, digestion and hormone support.


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Fulvic Humic Concentrate Drops 30ml

These drops are heavenly for the gut. They play an important role in healthy metabolism and recycling of metabolic wastes.  


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Love Your Gut Powder 250G

Diatomaceous Earth helps to clean out the accumulated build-up of waste, toxins, metals, and mucous in the digestive tract. It’s also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.


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Love Your Gut Synbiotic 120g

Love Your Gut Synbiotic populates your gut microbiome with quality probiotics, feeds the microflora with prebiotics, and supports the digestive system.

$49.95   $56.00

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Inseason Herbals Gastric Distress 200ml

May be taken by people experiencing atonic and hypersensitivity symptoms associated with dysfunctional states of the digestive system, Indigestive symptoms and more.


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