How to clean your gut - 
Part 4

By Monica van de Weerd

How to clean your gut - 
Part 4

Fine tuning the clean - the nooks and crannies

Welcome to Part 4 of the Supercharge Your Gut, ‘Clean your gut’ 6-part series of blogs and social posts.

This week it’s all about the finer details of cleaning your gut - getting into the nooks and crannies.

Our intestines, small and large, are about 7.5 metres (25 feet) long! And, they are jam-packed into our belly area and beyond. To fit them all in means they are turned multiple times. Called rugae - they force the food and liquid to spiral forward. The rugae also helps mix the food with your digestive juices.

However, waste can accumulate in all these twists, turns and ridges. Which is why we can hold onto 500g to 3 kilos of undiscarded waste in our digestive system. It explains why we get bloated, constipated, gassy and aren’t able to absorb nutrients and hydration most effectively.

We know diatomaceous earth cleans your gut. The job of Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder and capsules are a super gentle cleanse for the gut.

Fulvic Humic concentrate deep cleans the gut, especially those hard to get at places. Our Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic concentrate drops are a mineral liquid food that works in the tight junctures, nooks and crannies of your gut - deep cleaning and chelating (removing heavy metals).

Drop Fulvic Humic drops into your everyday water or water bottle

How to use Fulvic Humic concentrate (FHC)

It’s pretty easy actually. Just drop six drops into water, juice or smoothies. It doesn’t add any taste or texture so while you won’t know it’s in there, your gut certainly will.

Other ways to use FHC:

  • Your walk-around water bottle
  • During exercise or gym (FHC is famous for hydration and recovery)
  • Into tea and coffee or cooking
  • Add to alcoholic drinks to lessen the morning-after effects

Add FHC to alcohol to lessen the morning-after effects

What is Fulvic Humic Concentrate?

FHC is the liquid form of a mineral called Leonardite. In Ayurvedic medicine it is called Shilajit (though Shilajit can be very inconsistent in fulvic and humic mineral amounts).

Leonardite is one of earth’s richest sources of negative ions. This helps explain how FHC works to pull out the positively charged heavy metals and bad bacteria we store in our guts.


The Supercharge Your Gut Team

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