If you’re a bit strange like us, ask this question about the gut brain axis!

If you’re a bit strange like us, ask your friends and family if they know the gut and brain are connected. 

We asked this question to all genders, all ages, people of every imaginable health consciousness and all, 100%, every single one, without fail, knew there is some connection between the two. They may not have known much more than the fact, but they knew that these two vital organs are connected. 

(We’re sure, though, that 110% of the readers of this gut blog and followers of Supercharged Food would reply something along the lines of “yeah, well, of course they’re connected, der. They are interconnected by the Vagus nerve and other modes of nutrients and hormones transfer. In some circles, it’s called the Gut Brain Axis…..”)

It’s remarkable to us just how universal this insight is into the inner machinations of the human body. Especially so when you consider there’s no outward evidence or manifestation of the gut, brain connection. We doubt if that question was asked even just five years ago whether the answer would be so empathic.


What does that unscientific, anecdotal research tell us? Not much and that’s why us gut nerds are all a bit strange…we love hearing about how something so previously ignored and, at times, maligned, aka the gut blossoming into a compelling and fascinating swan-like super organ. 

But what of the Gut x Brain Axis?

Over to Lee (clinical nutritionist and founder of Supercharged Food):

“The axis is the gut, the brain and their innumerable interconnections. Sometimes it’s called the Gut/Brain Connection but Axis sounds a lot cooler to me, haha.

There's a constant flow of nutrients, information and energy between the two organs. This system (and it really is a ‘system’) is central to our overall health and wellbeing. It’s the hardest working, most vital element of our body.

There’s a lot of research done over the last decade or two that has shed light on just how directly connected they are.

Now there’s much ongoing research and study into the Axis and what it means to us in the everyday world of our bodies and lives.

One thing that has become abundantly apparent is that the Axis is the epicentre of your energy.”

The Axis of Energy!

The gut and brain are 24/7 active organs that chew up a lot of fuel and do vital body-wide jobs. Phew! It’s no wonder they can drain us of energy.

Mental, physical, whole of body energy begins in the brain and belly. It’s an energetic superhighway. It’s the Axis of energy!

However, it’s under siege and under-resourced by our hectic lifestyles, modern diets and nutrient-stripped soils. We’re not getting enough of the nutrients to fuel our Gut and Brain. We’re resorting to faux energy sources like sugar and caffeine.

But fear not! There’s always a nutrition fix to any health condition and energy, or lack thereof, is no different.

Nutrients that target the Gut x Brain Axis

Only certain nutrients target the gut, the brain and its connections. (And they’re not sugar, caffeine or pharmaceuticals!)

To fire, your Gut x Brain Axis needs iron, iodine and Vitamin C. And it needs them from real food sources. These nutrients are proven to fuel the axis and release the flow of energy.

  • They contribute to:
  • Energy production
  • Reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Energy metabolism
  • Psychological function
  • Oxygen transport
  • Cognitive function
  • Thyroid hormone* production

For children, add

  • Normal growth and development
  • Normal cognitive development

* the hormone that controls your body's metabolism, the process in which your body transforms the food you eat into energy.

Love Your Gut, Love Your Brain

The good news is that Love Your Gut powder is a rich source of vegan iron. It’s naturally occurring in the diatomaceous earth. Supercharge the iron absorption by mixing Love Your Gut powder in a high vitamin C drink (the Vitamin C helps release the iron into your bloodstream, among other gut, brain benefits) so you can have more energy for the things you love to do.


Source Lee Holmes. Supercharged Food


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