Iodine from wild kelp for hair, skin and nails

By Monica van de Weerd

Iodine is starting to make waves in the beauty world. More and more beauty experts are extolling the virtues of this essential little element found in the sea and in soil. Iodine has been known as an important mineral for decades, especially for thyroid, metabolism, weight management and mental health. But lately, its effect on hair skin and nails has people asking a lot more questions about it.

Similar to silica, due to our global farming practices and soil degradation many of us aren’t getting enough iodine through our food. (Fun fact - that’s why governments and health departments pressed for table salt to be ionised - ie, iodine is added to the salt - so we get more in our diet). To ensure we get enough iodine daily there are some vegetables high in iodine – and none more than sea kelp.

Mineral iodine sources like Earth And Sea Beauty can fill in the gaps when it comes to iodine depletion. Earth And Sea Beauty is a gorgeous blend of natural Australian desert silica and kelp (iodine) from Southern Tasmania. The silica and kelp blend is housed within vegan capsules, so suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Two capsules of this beauty food a day are all it takes for luscious hair, skin and nails.

Earth And Sea Beauty capsules are also a good source of natural iron which is found in the natural amorphous silica component of the blend. By themselves silica, iodine and iron are brilliant actors in your beauty regime. Together, silica, iodine and iron will supercharge your hair skin and nails beyond belief.

The overall health benefits of iodine could fill more than a hundred blogs on the topic, especially when it comes to hormone and thyroid health, but for Earth And Sea Beauty we’re fully on board with its wonderful beauty benefits. You can be assured that the iodine in Earth And Sea will help you from top-to-toe every day. The beauty benefits list is long and extensive, as iodine works on a cellular level to repair and replenish from the inside out.


  • Regulating the moisture levels of your skin.
  • Deep cleansing your skin - initiates cellular function.
  • Keeping the hormones that cause acne at bay.
  • Strengthening weak and brittle nails.
  • Antiseptic elements protect the scalp from infections, offering a clean scalp for hair to grow.
  • Killing the fungus that attacks hair follicles.
  • Keeping your mouth fresh and odour-free.
  • Priming your metabolism.


Many products source their iodine from goodness-knows-where, but the best source of iodine is from seaweed and kelp. Again, like silica, be on the lookout for wild, remotely-sourced kelp, it’s going to be the purest because of its pure growing environment, free from man-made pollution and pesticides (there are no pests underwater). Of course, whenever you can, try to choose Australian as well. Australian kelp is prime quality, especially from the Southern Ocean off Tasmania where Earth And Sea Beauty’s kelp is found.


You don’t need to eat an underwater garden of seaweed to get a healthy dose of iodine. It’s just micrograms we’re talking about to keep your hair skin and nails in tip-top shape. The recommended daily intake (RDI) of iodine is 150μg (microgram) per day for most adults. The dose in your two Earth And Sea Beauty daily capsules is 100μg, two-thirds of your RDI. You can source the remainder of your iodine needs from fresh foods like white fish (eg. Cod), tuna, eggs (yolks especially), dairy and lima beans.


Earth And Sea Beauty will help your hair, skin and nails every day in so many ways. It’s rich in iodine, silica and iron from remote Australian desert and ocean locations. It's also made in Australia by Australian businesses. 

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