By Monica van de Weerd

Lee's Xmas shopping list for your gut

Hello, just a quick gut smart email before Christmas. It's a shopping list Lee made to add to your, perhaps, less gut-loving shopping list.

No judgement here! We're all about embracing the silly season by loosening up a little. It's therapeutic!

However, we can mitigate the post Xmas bloat and heaviness with some planning and eating well. 

Add these items to your basket and get creative with using them in your meals.

  • Add mint to your water jugs. Also add Fulvic Humic to supercharge it's hydration with electrolytes.
  • Do a multicoloured root veggie tray bake (at room temperature it's delicious).
  • Have a bone broth meal in the days leading up and after Christmas.
  • Heighten your fibre. Add some quality dark chocolate to the mix.
  • Fermented breakfast of natural yoghurt, pistachios and berries (blueberries, yum!). Add Love Your Gut Golden Gut blend for turmeric, diatomaceous earth and ginger (and beautiful flavour).
  • Cleansing smoothies. A fast, simple one: milk of choice (we like oat), half a frozen banana, spinach leaves, diatomaceous earth powder, dollop of natural yoghurt, Synbiotic, avocado, raw cacao, ice.
  • A pinch of seaweed. Here at Supercharged Food we add a pinch to many of our meals and smoothies. High in fibre, nutrients and iodine. A little goes a long way to your gut health.

Lee's clinical observation

Shingles! Urrrrgh! Zeolite powder can ease the pain.

"There has been a spate of people with shingles and other skin conditions recently. My nutritional and naturopathy colleagues are reporting the same. Please see a medical professional. 

I've began prescribing our Love Your Skin Zeolite powder to be applied. The feedback has been reassuring and relieving!"

All the best for a lovely Christmas to you, your gut, your family and community.

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