Make your own festive table decorations

By Monica van de Weerd
These were such a hit last year that we thought we'd share these gorgeous Christmas table decorations again.
They're so simple, and you could use them throughout the year with different plants or flowers inside.
1. Remove labels from glass jars. Sweetree honey or Pasta sauce jars seem to work well as they have a curved base and fit the bottlebrush nicely.
2. Collect flowers and cut to length. Please be mindful these flowers provide food for wildlife and just collect a few. Place flower in the jar with top pointing down.
3. Fill the jar on a flat surface with cold tap water as close to top as possible (keep a towel handy). Screw on the lid as tightly as possible.
4. Dry the jar and turn upside down. Water needs to be changed when cloudy. The flowers last really well submerged, around 3-4 weeks. The jar can be decorated with ribbon if you prefer.
📷 & how-to thanks to Olinda Collective
Source EKO Hub and Sweetree Honey

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