It is not often that a true anti-aging breakthrough occurs but, after 10 years and 50 million USD in research, we are now ready to introduce the MitoQ story on a global scale. An exciting new advance in anti-aging technology, MitoQ has again got the attention of leading scientists and researchers from around the world!

Last month MitoQ was selected for the USA’s National Institute of Aging’s (NIA) Interventions Testing Programme (ITP) – an internationally renowned anti-aging testing programme funded by the US Government.

The NIA is part of the US National Institute of Health, an organization that invests over $US30 billion per annum into health research. It was set up by US Congress in 1974 to “understand the nature of aging and extend the healthy, active years of life”. In pursuit of this research, a global selection process by two expert panels of scientists invites a very small number of compounds with exceptional potential to reverse or decelerate the aging process for testing each year.

Why do we age? Can we slow the aging process?

Understanding the aging process is critical to our ability to understand and treat age-related diseases that currently kill or limit the quality of life of the majority of people in developed countries.

Research is showing there are ways to slow down the aging process.
Many theories on aging exist, and these theories are hotly debated around the world today. Amongst all this discourse, one thing has become very clear, that is, how vulnerable our metabolic processes and organs are– particularly the brain, heart and liver, to the natural decline in antioxidants and increased oxidative markers that occur naturally with age.

Free Radicles are produced as a by-product of many cellular reactions. These are normally kept in check by our bodies own supply of antioxidants, such as coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). However, if free radical production is excessive, or if our supply of antioxidants is reduced, free redicles damage cellular components such as proteins, fats and DNA, destroying tissue and ultimately causing our organs to stop functioning at optimal levels.

Slow the aging process

MitoQ is a breakthrough antioxidant that protects mitochondria our ‘cellular batteries’, the organelles inside our cells that power our energy.  As we age, our mitochondria and antioxidant supplies start to decline; we cannot fight the damage to our skin and body from free radicles like we used to when we were younger.

For the first time ever, our scientists have found a way to deliver an antioxidant right to the mitochondria inside your cells, where 90-95% of your body’s free radicals are generated.  No other product to date has been able to achieve this.

MitoQ’s patented formula boosts your mitochondria which supports organ health and slows the aging process by helping repair the free radicles damage caused b oxidatove stress. This damage is steadily affecting the health of your internal organs and your skin as you age.

Aging occurs essentially when your major organs, such as the brain, heart, liver and kidneys, start to lose the energy they need to function optimally. Your skin begins to lose its elasticity and collagen, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots may appear and your skin begins to look dull, losing its youthful ‘glow’.
By taking MitoQ supplements, you will feel an increase in energy levels and an overall improvement in well-being.

Maintaining healthy mitochondria is the key to staying healthier and younger for longer.

MitaQ will recharge and re-energize your body and your skin at a deep  cellular level.
MitoQ’s groundbreaking technology has the potential to delay the aging process. It is supported by over 50 Million USD in research and has over 200 published articles. MitoQ is scientifically proven to be 847 times more effective than other CoQ10 supplements and can assist in a whole range of health issues.



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