Imagine going from fit and healthy to facing the devastating news that both your hands and legs have to be amputated to save your life. Korrin Barrett's life changed forever in a matter of weeks after a mismanaged health condition landed her in an induced coma with a 5% chance of living. Not only did Korrin survive this life-shattering, traumatic event, she went on to thrive in the face of adversity.

"I tell people there are three choices when something rocks their world – give in, give up or give it all you've got. I chose the latter."

After 25 surgeries, Korrin spent over seven months in hospital recovering and learning to live life as a quadruple amputee. While she was still in the hospital, Korrin was asked to speak for 200 people the Australian Institute of Professionals. Despite having very little time to prepare - and being in the midst of her recovery - Korrin rose to the challenge and completed her very first speaking engagement.

Nowadays, Korrin regularly speaks for business, schools, charities, and sports groups, telling her incredible story of resilience and inspiring everyone she crosses paths with. Check out Korrin's website for more info. 

We are honoured to have Korrin join Adashiko as a brand ambassador.

You're a total inspiration to us here at Adashiko. We know it has been a massive journey for you, but what is a key lesson you've learnt from the challenges you've faced?

I think the biggest thing is not to focus too much on what you can't do and keep your focus on the things that you can do. Having both my hands and feet taken away was a big shock, but I learnt very early on that if I was determined and driven, then it wasn't going to beat me. It's about having the right mindset.

What would you say to anyone going through a significant life challenge?

Everyone has different coping mechanisms. The biggest thing I would say is to know that you're going to be okay and that it just takes time to heal, grieve, and learn to cope.

People try and rush the healing process. If someone has had an amputation, they often want to walk straight away, but it's so important to take time to heal.

When you're not speaking and sharing your story, what do you like to do?

I catch up on my social media and mentoring and like to touch base with people I've formed relationships with over the last seven years. It's nice to sit down and make a phone call and send an email. I also love reading, catching up on a bit of TV, socialising (and having a wine!).

What have you noticed since taking Adashiko?

I always get compliments on my skin. People always ask me what I use, and I've even had makeup artists say my skin is like baby skin! The biggest thing I've noticed is the improvement in my scarring; I've got quite excessive scarring on my remaining arms, and my neck from my tracheotomy (breathing tube).

I literally just got home from an amputee conference in Melbourne where everyone has a tracheotomy, and so many people commented on how good my scar looks. Often when I see people I haven't seen for ages (in some cases years), they mention how good my scar is looking.

How do you like to take your Adashiko?

I put my Adashiko powder in hot lemon water in the morning or stir it into a cup of tea. Then use my noni gel morning and night - I love taking the 50ml size away with me since I travel so much. It's so handy to pop in my makeup bag.

Source: Adashiko

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