Seasonal Fruits Bircher Muesli Bowls

By Monica van de Weerd

 Are you looking for a way to simplify your mornings with some Swiss simplicity?

I have just the ticket.

This beautiful Bircher muesli can be made the night before so you can have breakfast waiting for you in the morning, or if you have an extra 10 minutes on hand, you can make it when you wake up, take your shower and then enjoy it. Because there’s no cooking involved, bircher is a very low effort style breakfast that can be switched up with different fruits and toppings for breakfast variety. You’ll be getting all of the necessary nutrients, protein and fibre to keep you going all morning. It’s especially beneficial on those lazy spring and summer mornings when you wake up hungry but don’t want to overload your body with a heavy breakfast.

This Bircher with seasonal fruits is a wonderful solution for a cool and calm start to the day and will give you all of the replenishment you need to beat the warmer days ahead. Bircher muesli makes a punchy breakfast boost to charge up your internal engines. The indigo hued blueberries and grated apple produce a light and refreshing result, making it the perfect breakfast as the weather warms up here in Australia. In Ayurvedic medicine, blueberries help to reprieve an overheated mind and to calm random thoughts. They assist with moving energy downward and inward, which is thought to tame pitta and encourage a more passive demeanour. They’re also a quick and easy ingredient to add to your breakfast and will fill you up with antioxidant rich goodness. Apple juice is traditionally used in bircher to soak and soften the oats and will impart a light sweet flavour, alleviating the need to add additional sugar. Some people like to use a half apple juice, half water approach, and others swap it out altogether for cream, oat or almond milk. This will provide a much creamier result and give it deeper complexity and consistency. Yoghurt is mixed through before soaking and can be dolloped on top or stirred through when ready to serve. Scattering chopped nuts or flaxseeds will offer extra protein and good fats and will level up the crunch factor so feel free to topple on flaxseeds or chopped almonds or walnuts give it extra texture and crispiness. I’ve used tasty and tummy-filling 

Murray River Organics Apple and Cinnamon Muesli in the Bircher as it’s an extremely versatile and foundational breakfast ingredient on its own or to form the basis of a meal. ( I use Ceres Organics Bircher muesli here in NZ. Soak it in the same amount of water as you have muesli over night. Home made organic yogurt and seasonal organic fruit - YUM.- Ed) Lately I’ve been doing all sorts of different things with their muesli varieties, like roasting it in the oven with apple cider vinegar and maple syrup to make moorish clusters (which can be eaten as a granola or as a healthy snack) and I’ve also created these delicious Apricot and Apple Cinnamon Muesli Bars which the whole family love. The Murray River Organics' range of muesli is available in a handy reusable and recycle canister or in a box of 5 pre-portioned servings!

You can find the 100% organic range, with no preservatives or additives in Coles stores nationally. I hope you’ll embrace this wholesome and tasty Bircher and make it a regular part of your breakfast routine. It’s such a good recipe to satisfy all your tastebuds and speed up your energy on a slow-paced morning. Your appetite will be truly satisfied and your sweet tooth abated, to have you primed and ready for a supercharged day. Summer Fruits Bircher Muesli Serves 2 1 apple (Granny Smith works well) cored and roughly grated 1 1/2 cups Murray River Organics Muesli (I used the Apple and Cinnamon variety) 1/2 cup apple juice (100% natural is best) 1/2 cup natural yoghurt 1/2 cup blueberries 1 fresh nectarine sliced Drizzle of honey Chopped nuts or flaxseeds (optional) Method The night before or when you wake up, place apple, muesli, apple juice and yoghurt in a bowl and stir to combine. Cover and place in fridge overnight or for 10 mins in the morning. When ready to eat remove from fridge. Place into bowls and top with berries, slices of nectarine, a drizzle of honey, nuts or flaxseed and extra yoghurt.

- Lee Holmes - Supercharged Food.

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