Spring is in the air.

By Monica van de Weerd

Spring is here . . . and so is the pollen from all those blooming trees, flowers and shrubs. With all the rain - the effects have been minimised until now – but with sunny/windy days this may change. When you are sensitive - how do we minimise the effects of pollen.

Strengthen and support your mucus membranes with herbs and vitamin C. Think of Rocket Fuel* for this. With just 3 drops per dose it is easy and cost effective. And can be used regularly in need.

You can also lessen the amount of pollen to reach your nose by placing some balm at the entrance – best with some allergy fighting essential oils to support breathing. PoHo or Olbas give great results.

For Itchy Eyes – natural therapeutic eyedrops can help. The great thing about these formulas is that they ease the scratchy, red and runny and support the eye to be stronger against allergies.

Allergies can be eased by supporting your mucus membrane strength.

Look at supporting your body with immune strengthening herbs and nutrition to minimise the effects of your allergies.

Talk to us in store or e mail us with any queries and symptoms.

We can help.

The natural results team.

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