Support for Anxious Children

By Brendon Lye

Essential oils for anxiety with the  scentsiblelife.
Sometimes our kids can get anxious and worried about things. Some more than others.
My daughter suffered anxiety quite often in her younger years, now it is occasionally. Nowadays when she is feeling a little worried over something even she knows what to do. She will go to the fridge for her “special perfume” which is just a roller bottle blend of calming oils diluted in a carrier oil. If any of my kids are worried about anything I also make them a personal inhaler containing any of the oils below.

Mums, don’t underestimate the power of inhalation. When it comes to emotional wellbeing, inhalation is actually considered the most effective.

The oils below are some commonly recommended oils in aromatherapy for children and anxiety. This is not an exhaustive list, there are other oils that are useful as well.
For example, cypress would be beneficial if the anxiety is due to transition of some kind.
Orange is extremely effective because it is a favourite with most kids and the more we like a smell, the better the effect.
If you are using a beautiful healing oil like frankincense, cedarwood or vetiver make sure you add a sweet smelling oil such as orange or geranium, because kids aren’t too fussed on the earthy smells.
These healing oils combined with breathing exercises, massage (even a hand massage is deeply calming) and talking with your child about their fears can have a wonderful, positive effect.

  • always talk to your natural health professional before using essential oils on children.
  • Do not use essential oils when pregnant or with infants with qualified advise.

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