Sometimes we all need a little extra help when looking after our health. If you struggle with bloating or indigestion, if you’re prone to acne and hormonal imbalances or even need help regulating your appetite, we can help.

Our Liver Bitters is a New Zealand specific bitters blend that helps to support you and your body. There are three key ingredients in this formula that have incredible benefits. You can read about these wonderful plants and why together they can help you feel amazing below.



Globe artichoke

Globe Artichoke is one of the world’s most bitter plants and we celebrate it for that exact reason! The leaf of this amazing plant has been used for centuries to help support digestion and the liver and we use it in our Liver Bitters.

The Globe plant is quite unique - the leaves are used medicinally, and you can also eat the fruit – the artichoke heart which is incredibly tasty. Globe contains cynarin which is the active constituent that stimulates the production of bile and the flow of bile into our digestive system. Bile helps to bind and excrete fats, so it is helpful for those needing to support their cholesterol levels.

Globe also works as an antioxidant and has an anti-inflammatory action. It can help with supporting efficient waste elimination - so great for both skin and hormonal conditions. It can also help with those feelings of discomfort from foods that don’t agree with you or from overeating; it can reduce cramping, bloating, nausea, fat intolerance and excess wind.



Calendula is a beautiful sunny flower that looks stunning in any garden. It makes a great edible flower in salads or fresh spring rolls as well as a beautiful infused oil for skin or balms.

We chose Calendula for our Liver Bitters because it also helps our major detoxification pathways. Calendula is anti-inflammatory and supports our lymphatic system to move out waste. It is also mildly bitter which helps to activate our bitter taste receptors throughout our body, plus support waste clearance for clearer skin (in particular for those that suffer from acne or cystic acne). 

It is also super easy to grow – you could start some now in your garden or pot plant?


We have an abundance of amazing plants here in New Zealand – most of them have a great affinity to our digestive system. Manuka was the shrub that used to cover most of our open land in New Zealand before introduced species like gorse or blackberry took over.

It was used for many things traditionally, canoe poles and decking's, fishing and gardening tools. It received its English name ‘Tea Tree’ from Captain cook who used the leaves to make a spicy/bitter tea. The tea was given to those who had diarrhea as it is astringent (drying much like when people have black tea for upset stomachs) plus it helps with indigestion and stomach upsets.

It was also used as a mouth wash due to its antibacterial properties and for supporting the kidney due to its diuretic properties. We love Manuka for its vast uses and its lovely bitter taste, and we are very lucky to have it within our Liver Bitters.


How The Liver Works

The liver is a complicated organ but this amazing video helps explain it. Have a watch!

AdviceUse as directed. Discontinue if any irritation arises. If symptoms persist see your health care professional. 

Source; Wild Dispensary

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