Uncertainty and Immunity.

By Monica van de Weerd

A 5 million bubble – and proud of it.

But the load of work uncertainty and cold/flu or possibly COVID Symptoms we carry by ourselves.

Regardless of what level we are in – there are things we can do.

We need to keep ourselves physically and emotionally the best we can be with the circumstances we have got.

  • Make some ‘happy’ time – every day. Whether it is exercise, family, music, being out in nature (you could pop in to one of our many parks on the way or going home). Do something everyday that is your happy place.
  • Get enough sleep. Your body needs this to keep you at an optimum.
  • Eat fresh food – less/no sugary carbs and drinks.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Keep personal hygiene.
  • Take a prevention immunity support every day. Our bodies do not store Vitamin C*. A good maintenance dose for an adult is 1000mg in winter. Less for a child (check with us re age and needs). There are certain vitamin C’s that are absorbed better in the body than others. (Get results – not expensive urine).
  • Use an immunity support that can be used to strengthen the immune system. Most herbs fight infection. There are combinations that support your immunity that you can use in prevention. Kaloba* and Echinaforce* are both clinically trialed and effective. And they can be used for the whole family.
  • If anxiety is too much – think of Vitamin B complex*, Magnesium and Saffron* Ask in store which is best absorbed and best for you.

For more information visit us in store or ask me a query on line.

We also have freight FREE delivery over $49.

KIA KAHA Hamilton

*always take as directed

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