By Monica van de Weerd

Why are people fulving in love with Fulvic Humic drops?

Helloooooo lovers! Lovers of the gut to be precise!

How's your Gut Love '24 peace train travelling? 🚃

Have you had a chance to download Lee's free Gut Love '24 ebook? It's all good if you haven't - there's plenty of time.

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Fulvic Humic is popping right now 🍾🍿
It's little wonder really. Lee calls the Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic concentrate her 'Drops of Jupiter' 🪐* because they are out of this world!
Fulvic Humic concentrate goes by many other monikers including fulvic acid, fulvic minerals, FHC.
Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic concentrate is a food approved by Food standards Australia New Zealand and comes in 30ml and 60ml bottles.

What are the benefits of fulvic minerals?
People have been drawn to the benefits of fulvic minerals, especially for the gut. It has the ability to get into the tight junctures of the digestive system to help deep clean and tone your gut.

Lee says 'I started taking Fulvic Humic around a decade ago. I found it worked very well in conjunction with diatomaceous earth for my autoimmune condition. After doing all the reading and study, I began to prescribe Fulvic acid to some of my clients. The feedback has been remarkable and reassuring. I'm glad now that so many people are now finding out about FHC.'

Hydration through electrolytes. FHC is one of the world's best sources of electrolytes. These natural electrolytes supercharge your body's ability to absorb water.

Hangover over. We've been told by many people that FHC dropped into the odd glass of alcohol really helps to ward off the dreaded hangover. The FHC helps your body metabolise the alcohol and draw the water from it to keep you from the diuretic drawbacks of alcohol.  

How to take Fulvic acid?
It's super easy. Just 3 drops in any liquid per day will do it. It is tasteless so can be added to pretty much anything...juices, smoothies, cooking, sauces, dressings, you name it.

Lee Holmes - Supercharged Food

Sourced by Lee Holmes, clinical nutritionist
You can be assured Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic concentrate contains the best quality fulvic humic minerals. Lee, who drops them in her daily walk around water bottle, took almost two years of scouring the world for the highest nutritional value FHC in the world. That's what we've bottled for you (and your gut). 
While your thinking about your gut, Lee has written two of the best books on gut health - Heal Your Gut and Supercharge Your Gut. They are full of healthy gut recipes and useful, practical practices (which is probably why they have been reprinted a total of 12 times).

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