Why Seaweed matters to your Health

By Monica van de Weerd

Why Seaweed matters to your Health

A better natural health solution  - Naturally rewarding for your health & wellness!  Improve your mood, get greater energy and better gut health with the health benefits of Seaweed .....

The right Gut Stuff - feeding your gut microbes with the natural goodness that comes from the nutrients within Seaweed.  Seaweed provides the body with plenty of gut-healthy prebiotic fiber. 


YES - Seaweed is great for a healthier and better functioning Gut!


Additionally, particular sugars found in seaweed (called polysaccharides) and fibre have been shown to increase the growth of “good” bacteria! - both of which can be used as food sources for the bacteria in your gut. This fiber can also increase the growth of “good” bacteria and nourish your gut.


'Seaweed' is a great source of vitamins & minerals such as, A, vitamin B12, vitamin K and folate, zinc and iron, along with antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage and is packed with fibre. Vegetarian? Seaweed is chock-full of protein. It's also rich in iodine, an essential mineral we need for healthy thyroid function.


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