Your skin reflects who you are.

By Monica van de Weerd

Your skin reflects who you are.


How other’s perceive you (rightly or wrongly)


Your skin also reflects what it is happening in your body.


With being the largest organ we have and reflecting everything from digestion, hormones, stress and dis ease.


And the fact that how we look also affects how we feel about ourselves.


It can be a vicious cycle if we are not at our best.




This is why it is so important to look after your skin – naturally.


By allowing your skin to breathe – it can function


By giving your body what it needs – your organs and skin can function to their best capacity.

What does your body need?


Hydration and nutrients. Definitely.


Sleep, Exercise (breath) and emotional happy time out are often forgotten.


These could be exercise/ambience/music/friends.


And are part of a whole approach.






Drink 4 to 6 glasses of water a day.


This is best before food.


Your blood needs the hydration to flow, remove toxins and hydrate the cells


Unfortunately anything with additives to the water is not used as such in the body.


These are absorbed as food.


Before that coffee or alcoholic drink – take a glass of water.


This also has the added advantage of making you less thirsty.




Often when you are hungry your body is actually thirsty.


Drink a glass of water first – then wait a few minutes. . .


Add some lemon juice or Apple Cider Vinegar  to support and  alkalise/purify your body.

To support your skin with your diet.


Remove the refined sugar and flour.


Add the Zinc, Vitamin A, C and add a few blood cleansing herbs.


These will depend on what you need support with.

Get support with  your liver, digestion and emotions if you need to.


We can help




Use Natural skin, hair and body care that works and gives results.


Evolu Skin care is NZ Made and 30% off until December.

With my over 40 years’ experience with Skin and well being therapy you are more than welcome to come in and talk to me


Monica van de Weerd – Beauty Therapist; Aromatherapist; Reflexologist.


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