5 Tips to keep lipstick on longer -

By Brendon Lye
We all love that freshly-applied lipstick look for an instant aura of poise and sophistication. But how to carry this polished look throughout your busy day? Our Antipodes Global Beauty Expert Deborah Sampson shares her secrets for achieving enduring lip colour:
1. Moisturise before you colour
Healthy lips allow lipstick to glide on easily and help colour hold more evenly over time – rather than fading in patches. A non-greasy lip conditioner, like our Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner, is brilliant as a base for your lipstick or a top-up throughout the day. It blends the bioactive botanical ingredient kiwi seed oil with nutrient-rich avocado oil to help keep the skin on your lips healthy and hydrated.
2. Choose a nourishing formula
For best effect use a lipstick that conditions as it colours, like our Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks. These are created from pure plant oil ingredients extracted from some of nature’s finest superfoods: avocado pear, calendula flower, evening primrose seed, and argan nut. Your skin will love these enriching natural oils.
3. Blot with a tissue
After applying your lipstick place a tissue between your lips and close your mouth. The gentle pressure seals the colour to your lips, maximising its endurance. To build a deeper colour, reapply and blot again.
4. Opt for a matte
For longevity, go for a matte lipstick over a gloss. Matte formulations will stay put, while gloss formulations are likely to travel.
5. Select a shade that can fade to a pretty tint
If you’re short on time to reapply, choose a shade that will fade to an appealing tint. The end-of-day stain will depend on your natural skin colour. Our Oriental Bay Plum fades to cherry red on some girls, and pink on others, depending on the undertones of the lips. So be brave with trying new shades, until you discover the colour you love best!
Have you tried our new Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks? Discover healthy lipsticks from New Zealand nature that are safe for everyday wear, in a range of colours that will take you from morning to midnight.

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