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By Brendon Lye
“I recently visited New Zealand for a few days and my dependable Dermeze cream was confiscated at the airport. Desperate times indeed. I have dry, flaky, red and often sore hands. This condition has moved from the tips of my fingers to my palms over the last 7 years. I have tried many prescription and non-prescription creams and also have watched my diet for allergies and also contact allergies. When I surf in the salt water, my condition improves instantly. My doctor cannot tell me what causes this condition.
Whilst in New Zealand in desperation I bought some Rhino Cream at a pharmacy in Auckland. Instant soothing and improvement and success so far. I have only been using it for 5 days. I like it because it appears to have quick, outstanding results, it is non-greasy and I am able to get on with my work.
I have only been applying it twice a day in small amounts. Now on the 5th day it appears to be healing the scarring on my hands. I love it because it has all natural ingredients according to the label on the pack and it has the best smell. I hope this improvement will continue. Ordered another 2 tubes on line today. Now watching for any side effects. Will show my doctor on my next visit. Thanks Rhino Repair.” – Johnston

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