eczema Tip: Protect the Barrier

By Brendon Lye

Keeping eczema prone skin well moisturised is the key component of successfully managing the symptoms of eczema.  Eczema causes the skin to become thicker and scaly and very itchy. Even though the skin feels thicker, the barrier function is compromised and the affected skin is unable to retain moisture.

Applying moisturiser once a day is simply not enough for eczema prone skin.  Frequent applications throughout the day will make a significant difference to the condition of skin affected by eczema.

Use moisturiser liberally.  Apply it thickly like icing on a cake and gently massage into the skin.  Apply immediately after bathing or showering while the skin is still slightly damp and warm.  Take a tube of your moisturiser with you so you can reapply frequently throughout the day.

While there is no known cure for eczema, when the skin is well hydrated it is far less itchy and uncomfortable, therefore you are far less likely to scratch and break the surface of the skin.  Liberal application of moisturiser breaks the itch/scratch/itch cycle.

Eczema prone skin tends to be a lot more sensitive to skin care products so we encourage you to get into the habit of reading labels and avoid moisturisers containing known skin irritants.  You will be surprised how many ‘moisturisers’ contain ingredients that are not skin friendly.  Known skin irritants include:

  • SLS (sodium laurel sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate), ALS (ammonium lauryl sulfate)
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Lanolin
  • Parabens
  • Preservatives (quaternium-15, diazolidinyl urea)

Approved by the NZ Eczema Association and recommended by NZ dermatologists, Rhino Repair contains none of the skin irritants listed above. With 12 natural ingredients, it is a powerful natural skin healing cream that soothes and heals irritated and itchy skin.

For further guidance or advice about your eczema, dermatitis or any other adverse skin condition you are experiencing, feel free to get in touch.

Susan Beach, Registered Nurse and Oasis Girl

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