With a healthy dose of pride I’m excited to announce the launch of a new website where you’ll find a selection of home study courses to supercharge your health and wellbeing. 

All of the online courses are created with you in mind, by professional healthcare experts. They’re easy to follow and you can study via distance wherever you are. Most importantly if you put the work in they work! 

The website was created from your feedback and the fact that many of you find healthy eating almost impossible for your varied health needs.  There are so many programs and courses are not tailor-made and there is still a lot of conflicting and confusing advice to follow.

All you have to do is fast for 19 hours, breathe deeply in a headstand for three hours and drink lemon water for the other hour. And once you’ve finally nailed that ‘diet’, a new diet pops up to tell you it’s the key to longevity, maintainable weight loss and ultimate happiness, and, of course, you start all over again – it’s exhausting!

Eating a healthy diet doesn’t need to be complicated, make you feel deprived, or like you’re a failure when you grab a piece of chocolate.

Nutrition can (and should) be straightforward, unrestrictive and leave you feeling full of energy with clear skin, minimal digestive discomfort and able to maintain healthy body weight.

One of the new courses launched today on the website is run by world renowned naturopath and nutritionist Belinda Kirkpatrick

The 7-Day Nutrition Reset Program makes the foundations of nutrition and healthy eating accessible and easy for everyone and guides you with seven daily modules featuring video, written content and activities. It is suitable for all ages and is a great way to ensure that you and your family are eating well and supporting your health.

Each day of the course only requires around 10-20 minutes of commitment from you and don’t worry if you fall behind, the great news is that you will have four weeks to complete the seven modules. 

Each day will open up another exciting module for you to explore. The course includes going through what you should be eating, the healthy food mantra, detoxing your pantry, clearing up any food confusion and more.

To celebrate the launch of the website and brand-new 7-Day Nutrition Reset Program, I have a special introductory offer, all you need to do is use the code: SUPERSAVER! to get the course for $35 instead of $49.

When it comes to nourishing your body with healthy foods it’s time to go back to basics.

Below are a few of the “Top Tips” that are explored in detail on the program for eating in a nutritionally balanced and maintainable way, as a general guide for healthy eating.

  • Focus on what you can eat more of, not less. I encourage you to fill your plate with nutrient-rich fresh produce and vegetables, good-quality proteins and fats. Moving away from a ‘diet mentality’ and focusing on eating foods that are good for you in abundance can do wonders for your physical health and mental wellbeing.
  • Speaking of protein, most of us don’t get enough of it. Protein keeps us satiated, stabilises blood sugars, regulates hormones, assists the immune system and is essential in optimising muscles. I recommend consuming a palm-sized serving of protein at every meal.
  • Get rid of the idea of being perfect. I believe in the concept of 80/20, where you mostly eat unprocessed fresh foods and allow for treats 20% of the time. Allowing treats in moderation will stop binge eating and the inevitable cheat days that come from over-restriction.
  • Drink more water! While the amount of water each person should be drinking varies, the health-promoting benefits of water are endless; it supports energy, allows for healthy weight loss and improves the appearance of the skin. For every cup of coffee, caffeinated tea or alcohol you drink, drink another glass of water.
  • While I prefer to focus on the foods we should be eating, I recommend looking at reducing your intake of processed grains, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. These foods can be a real energy buzzkill and aren’t great for the digestive system either.
  • It’s not just about diet! Make sure you’re moving your body daily in a way that you enjoy, are getting adequate sun exposure and are doing activities every day to help reduce your stress.

If you want guidance along the healthy eating journey and you’re ready to stop feeling so tired, minimise those headaches, flatten the COVID-19 weight creep curve and manage energy and mood swings, the 7-Day Nutrition Reset Program is for you.

You can sign up and find out everything you need to know here just use the code SUPERSAVER! to get the benefits of your discounted offer.

Lee Holmes. Founder of Supercharged Food.xo

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