Christmas (over) Eating

By Monica van de Weerd

Christmas (Over) Eating

Christmas and food are intertwined, and it's hard to indulge and stay healthy. Here's how to have the best of both worlds.

With Christmas occurring during the summer in NZ, many of us naturally opt for healthier eating during this time, with delicious salads and fresh fruit readily available.

But then along comes Christmas, with its functions, gifts, and gatherings, bringing chocolates, snacks, late eating, overeating, alcohol/sweetened drinks, BBQs, and desserts.

Suddenly all our best intentions are gone. Or at least placed in the 'I will start tomorrow' basket.

And there's no reason why you can't enjoy yourself and let loose, while also supporting your body and mind through the Christmas and New Year cheer.

Have water handy

Add a leaf or two of mint, or a squeeze of lemon juice to help your gut health.

When drinking alcohol or sweet drinks, drink a glass of water in between rounds to keep yourself hydrated and to dilute the sugar. (This has the wonderful side-effect of lessening hangovers too!)

Eat smaller portions

You don't need to have a little bit of everything. Why not have a little extra of your favourite things, and skip some others. This way you avoid overeating while still enjoying your Christmas faves.

Eat slowly, taking care to chew each mouthful. 

Use electrolytes

Electrolytes (choose non-sweetened ones) help your body if you don't drink enough water, do lots of exercise, or have forgotten to drink water between drinks.

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Use nux vomica

Use nux vomica homeopathically if you have eaten late... or to excess.
It can help aid digestion, including bloating and heartburn. Be sure to follow the instructions.

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Use digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes are well worth considering over the Christmas period, especially if your food is not being absorbed, is too fatty or your body just needs some support.

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Remember your gut

In amongst all the jolly cheer, spare a thought for your gut. Being prepared and kind to your body will go a long way to feeling happy and healthy in the new year.

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And, whatever you do...

ENJOY, and have a very Merry Christmas, from the team at Naturally Healthy.

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