Essential Immune Defence Support this Season ...

By Monica van de Weerd

 Give your body the right tools for greater immune strength

Be and feel incredible with the Health Benefits of Seaweed*.  Start here with Oceangree Organics Seaweed Supplements to ensure a healthy Immune System this Season.

·         Seaweed plays an important role in its effect on our immunity.

·         Seaweed is rich in energizing and immunity-boosting nutrients - to strengthen nourishing your body/immune system.

·         Seaweed contains many important vitamins, such as vitamin A & C.  These nutrients as well as Zinc, (which helps the body fight off infections by recognising and dealing with viruses trying to invade the body). keep the immune system strong so it can fight off threats of infection from bacteria, fungi and viruses.

·         Plus, knowing that seaweed is beneficial for exceptional gut health - a happy and healthy gut makes for a happy and healthier you! 

Naturally sourced, exceptionally powerful, premium organic New Zealand Seaweed.

GETTING THE RIGHT NUTRIENTS: Seaweeds are really high in many of the vitamins and minerals we need for optimum function. Of those minerals, a significant one is iodine, a vital component in thyroid health.

 It also contains many other minerals folks are often deficient in, such as chromium, magnesium, selenium, manganese, bromine, and boron.

 You can consume very little to get great value from it, this makes it an appealing supplement to your diet. Considering adding seaweed to your diet - check out oceangreenorganics to see how our seaweed supplements might just help support better health for you.  

A Boost To Your Health this Season! 

Why seaweed can play a major role in your overall health and wellness.

·         Boosts nutrition - packed full of rich vitamins, minerals and beneficial nutrients. **Seaweed contains Zinc ** - it is a trace element that is necessary for a healthy immune system. Zinc keeps the immune system strong. A lack of zinc can make a person more susceptible to disease and illness.

·         Exceptional for Gut Health - seaweed protects the lining of the oesophagus from stomach acid and encourages beneficial gut bacteria.  Seaweed contains prebiotics - the good bacteria that our gut needs and feeds on for daily digestive health and absorbing the right nutrients ... so so important!!!

 ·         Seaweed is a great source of fibre - but not just any old fibre. Seaweed is mostly soluble fibre, the kind that turns into a gel, slowing down the digestive process, thus inhibiting the absorption of sugars and cholesterol.

 ·         Get a hit of antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins A, B, C and E. These antioxidants protect your body from cell damage

 ·         Can help and support with weight loss - seaweed helps limit the body’s ability to break down and absorb the dietary fat consumed during a meal, which could make it easier to lose weight; Can help curb appetite and cravings.

·         Iodine - a micronutrient that’s hard to come by in so many of the foods we eat. As well as other nutrients lacking in our foods - seaweed is a great way to fill the 'nutritional' gap! Help with our energy levels and a happy and healthy thyroid!

Get Your Green On

The Modern Day Superfood that has Everyone Talking About.

*always take as directed.

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