Golden Gut Mango Cheesecake

By Monica van de Weerd

Does anyone else have a love affair with cheesecake?

It combines two of my favourite things – cheese and cake.

And it makes for one delicious dessert.

But, for my friends who are cutting down on processed foods, gluten, dairy, sugar and eggs, cheesecake is probably one of the foods you avoid like the plague.

Until now!

I’ve created a cheesecake with my Golden Gut Blend that’s a perfect afternoon treat or delightful dessert for summer. It’s a raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free cheesecake that is absolutely delicious.

Before you give me that attitude and roll your eyes at the idea of a cheese-less cheesecake, sometimes, you've just got to trust me. I think I can even say I like this more than regular cheesecake. And quite frankly, so does my stomach (sorry for the TMI!).

Don't be the friend who brings the unpalatable raw dessert to your dinner party. Bring this instead!

I’ve included sweet, juicy mangoes because they’re finally in season here in the Southern Hemisphere. I’m a little bit in love with them. Seriously. If you get a good one, don’t let that man-go. If you were to check my search history, “How many mangoes can I eat until I turn into a mango?” may come up. I promise I was asking for a friend… If you’re a lover of all things mango too, check out my Supercharged Banana and Mango Smoothie

This cheesecake combines two of my favourite goodies into one delicious recipe. My Golden Gut Mango Cheesecake is a recipe you’re going to luuuuurve.

The best part?


Instead of baking these cheesecakes, all you need to do is pop them in the freezer. Because I mean, who has time to watch the oven? Throw away the unnecessary fuss.

How else do you celebrate summer?

Golden Gut Mango Cheesecake

*        250 grams cashew nuts (can be soaked for 2 hours previously if nuts are a problem for you)
*        1 1/2 cup shredded coconut 
*        pinch sea salt
*        3 TBS lemon juice
*        2 TBS melted coconut butter

*        250 grams cashew nuts  (can be soaked for 2 hours previously if nuts are a problem for you)
*        ½ cup coconut butter
*        3 mangos diced or use frozen
*        4 tbs lemon juice 
*        1 tsp vanilla extract
*        2 tbs rice malt syrup
* 1 tbs golden gut blend 
*        4 TBS Coconut milk
* Handful berries to serve 

*        Firstly, make the base, place nuts and coconut in blender until finely chopped
*        Stir in remaining ingredients- adding some water if necessary
*        Mould into a dough and then press into a 20-cm spring-form cake tin
*        Place in freezer

*        In a blender, place all of the filling ingredients and blend until smooth

Pile on topping
*        Place the mixture into the base from freezer and smooth it over with a spatula
*        Place back into the freezer or fridge until set
*        Top with mixed berries or toppings of choice and serve

Lee Holmes - Supercharged Food

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