A woman going through menopause can testify that this is one of the most challenging periods of her life. There is a lot to deal with – a range of uncomfortable menopausal symptoms from mental to emotional to physical – in addition to taking care of the family’s needs, caring for the home, running a business or coping at work.

Women who can still find ‘me’ time in the face of all this can call themselves lucky. But finding this time to just be positive about life and living has been found to be a highly effective technique for women wanting to manage their menopause treatmentsuccessfully.

Many women have found the following positive thinking techniques immensely helpful in tackling menopause:

  1. Breathe

Granted this piece of advice may seem obvious and easy, however, with the stress of this hormonal change few people take a second to consciously breathe. Conscious breath has been linked to amazing emotional and physical benefits. It can even help the body reach its natural temperature by supporting muscle relaxation. (Yes, that means helping cool when hot!)

Even at its most difficult, life is still precious with a long list to be thankful for. Help to understand this by becoming aware of the breath, then see what other benefits can follow else follows.

  1. The magical healing of laughter

A good belly laugh often works wonders for the soul and body. A physical change takes place in the body during a good laugh which is probably why it has been widely referred to as the “best medicine”.

  1. Cry if you must

There is no shame in it. Crying in a place you feel secure is good for your emotional and physical body. It relieves stress, gets rid of toxins and helps in lowering blood pressure.

A positive frame of mind is beneficial throughout one’s life and in any circumstance, although most helpful in overcoming difficult periods of change. By applying a positive attitude and taking Harmony Menopause, the all-natural women’s supplement for menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms, can be a powerful combination to address the challenges of this transition period and still live the life of your dreams.


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