How to get the best results – naturally.

By Monica van de Weerd

Health results through natural remedies depend on 3 factors.

  • you have the correct nutrients/herbs for the symptoms.
  • you have the correct dosage.
  • the nutrient/herb you have purchased is of the quality needed to get results.

Different Herbs and Nutrients work on different symptoms.

This is why it is imperative to get the right combination for both your current symptoms and any /all genetic and lifestyle weaknesses.

Genetic and lifestyle dis ease could be an underlying factor to regular symptoms.

It is therefore wise to always be mindful of them when making nutrient / herbal choices.

As well as choosing the right ingredient to get results for your symptoms.

Dosage is paramount.

One dose once a day might be enough for prevention.

For acute (current symptoms) most herbs are meant to be taken in smaller dosages regularly.

This is to ensure your body has some of the active ingredient to work with throughout the day – rather than a lot (which may not all be able to used) and then nothing.

Dosage also changes per child v adult.

Great care must be taken when choosing for children.

Many one size fits all combinations will be too strong for their immune systems to cope with.

Always get advice.

And take as recommended by your natural healthcare specialist.

Quality and active ingredients that are proven to work through scientific studies and long-term usage by those recommending it makes all the difference to getting results with natural health.

Usually the price is similar –

We are in the getting results market.

This is where us knowing where our products come from and how they are manufactured makes all the difference to you.

 Get results - naturally

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