Safety with Maca

By Monica van de Weerd
Safety with Maca is a big concern due to the many ways the roots can be cultivated and prepared. Once powdered it all looks similar. So what are the key safety and quality markers that you need to know to ensure it’s safe to consume?

1. that it is organic certified and not full of nasty sprays and chemicals
2. It is from the best growing region and spiritual home of Maca in Junin with a Certificate of origin
3. it is GMO free
4. it has Safe levels of mould, yeast and bacteria
5. it has Safe levels of or is free of aflatoxins
6. it has Safe levels of heavy metals
7. it is Single origin with traceability to the farm
8. it is analysed and tested for macamide levels to ensure quality and potency
9. It clearly states what type of powder it is (raw, gelatinised, activated, atomised, extracted)
10. It identifies what colour(s) of root it contains.

Seleno source direct from a farm in Peru and actively participate in the harvest and processing. We test and confirm all of the above. As such we can assure the quality and safety of every bag of our product. Knowing what you are putting in your body is so important as the wrong Maca could actually make your health worse. Choose safety and quality when it comes to Maca and trust in #themacaexperts - we specialise in Maca. #safetyfirst #qualitymaca #farmtotable

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