Mood and Immunity.

By Monica van de Weerd

Finally, some sunny days to look forward to between the rain – this will help our moods immensely.

Did you know that when we do not get enough sunlight it is not just the emotions that suffer?

Nutritionally we need Vitamin D* every day.

This helps our moods, bones and even our immunity.

With so many rainy days – it might be wise to take a vitamin D supplement especially in winter.

Vitamin D comes in an easy sublingual tablet that melts in your mouth for best absorption or a spray that is absorbed the same way.

Zinc* is another deficiency that is easy to supplement and even easier to ascertain if you are lacking.

A simple taste test in store will ascertain your levels.

This test is FREE at Naturally Healthy.

Zinc is essential for immunity and well-being.

Iron* is another nutrient that seems to be lacking in a lot of our customers & clients.

The situation where after an illness appetite does not return in children is a great example.

One nutrient that makes a fast difference to that listlessness for food is iron.

Iron is a supplement that needs good absorption.

Iron from food, herbs or water is the best, and quickest way to get results.

We have all these in store and again a teaspoon or sachet as an easy method of taking it.

We even have a chewable tablet for the children. (above 3 years old)

Another supplement we are getting amazing results from is saffron*.

If you are feeling the blues, just not yourself.

Have some anxiety.

We have an amazing saffron supplement called FELIX*

Place this together with some B complex vitamins* which our bodies devour in times of stress.

And your day is supported emotionally and physically.


Take care out there.

Take a breath and be kind to not just others – but yourself.

*always take as recommended.

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