Pre - Christmas Stress?

By Monica van de Weerd


Pre-Christmas is such a busy time!

Santa’s list is nothing compared to the list we have and expect to complete.

Here are a few tips to get you through.

To be able to do and survive the busy times we need to take care of our minds and bodies well-being.

Your body needs rest, nutrition and hydration.

Get enough sleep.

Everyone needs different amounts of sleep.

But when you are busy and possibly stressed it is important to get more rest.

A few symptoms of over busyness are your mind not stopping with the talk talk talk to you.

You could get cramp or restlessness or just too wired to sleep.

Think of rescue remedy if it is emotions.

Vitamin B complex for nerves and too wired.

As the B vitamins are essential for nerves.

Magnesium for muscle cramps and there are some beautiful herbs like Valerian, passionflower etc to you relax.

These are all available in liquids, spray or tablet for convenience.

Nutrition is vital to help your body get through busy and/or stressful times.

Eat less sugary and refined floury foods.

Do not eat too much before bedtime.

Support your diet with nutritional supplements if you are not getting enough through your diet or have an underlying condition.

And hydration.

Hydration is water intake. Not sugary drinks or coffee and tea with added milk, sugar or additives.

Drink water through out the day and an extra glass before alcohol and coffee.

This supports you in two ways.

You will not be thirsty. Therefore the enjoyment of your ‘drink’ will last longer.

And they hydrate you as coffee and alcohol dehydrate.

Dehydration is also one of the main reasons we get sore heads after excess the next day.

The best way to look after your friends or family with a hang over is a protein shake with electrolytes and . . . . hydration.

Staying hydrated while having a few drinks minimises the after effects.

Take care out there and when you need support – we will be here at Naturally Healthy.

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