The benefits of maca root for men

By Monica van de Weerd

For centuries Incan warriors in Peru would consume maca root before and after battle to provide them extra strength, stamina and endurance to out-power their opponents. Living at 4000m above sea-level any extra advantage could be the difference between winning or loosing a battle. Further to this maca was seen as sacred for men as it gave them better fertility, sexual prowess and heightened libido that was revered in those days. In their culture fertility for men was related to power and success. So can modern day men benefit from maca and what is the evidence to support the traditional uses?

maca benefits for men

1. Maca can improve male libido and sexual function

The prevalence of men experiencing low libido and erectile dysfunction has drastically increased in recent years and is also age linked. It is estimated that 5-50% of men between 30-80 years will experience issues with erectile function and libido, with those on antidepressants affected even more so. Fortunately Maca root is well known as a natural aphrodisiac that has the ability to increase sexual drive and function. For males clinical studies have shown that Maca can improve sexual parameters relating to copulation (sexual function and sexual performance measures including erection strength and faster recovery times). Additional research has demonstrated regular consumption of Maca can significantly improve male libido and sexual desire. Meaning that you can have heightened libido and improved sexual performance when taking maca powder consistently. Something that both you and your partner will be truly appreciative of.

Best colour of Maca to use for libido in men:  Maca for Men daily and Concentrated Black Maca when required for acute performance or daily for severe conditions.

maca benefits libido

Often called Peruvian Viagra, Maca helps improve libido and sexual function

2. Maca is a natural antidepressant that can assist with mental health

Depression and anxiety in men is an ever increasing problem with more incidence of mental health issues than ever before. Many men also find that mental health can greatly impact on their sexual function and libido. Maca root is traditionally referred to as the “food of the brain” and has been used as a natural antidepressant to improve mental health and wellbeing for centuries. All 3 colours of maca play a role in bringing balance back to brain function, with Yellow Maca for long-term mental balance and resilience to stress, Red Maca for anxiety and Black Maca for depression and brain fog. Clinical research has shown that Maca benefits psychological symptoms associated with mental health imbalances, including anxiety and depression and acts independent of hormonal production. This means it provides a natural way for our brain to combat and prevent mental health disorders. An additional study showed all 3 colours of maca demonstrated similar antidepressant activity, and that all 3 may be important in improving mental health. For those struggling with mental health Maca powder may assist with ongoing management and offer many benefits to your mental health long term. Maca is also 100% natural, safe to consume and does not contraindicate with antidepressant medication.

Best colour of Maca to use for mental health in men: Long-term balance – Maca for Men daily. Acute anxiety – Concentrated Red Maca when required. Acute depression – Concentrated Black Maca when required.

Maca can balance male mental health and assist with anxiety and depression.

3. Maca increases energy, vitality and prevents fatigue in men

In Peru Maca root is well known to increase energy levels, but also it is used to maintain health and wellbeing and protect from adrenal fatigue or burnout. Maca is thought to build resilience to stress and strengthen the nervous system to function at its optimum. Science has know shown that much of the benefits of Maca can be linked to its ability to activate our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This key stress system in the body plays a role in all our core nervous system responses to external stressors. Consuming Maca powder can therefore improve our reaction to stressors, increasing our energy levels, immune function and vitality. Maca also offers protection of our adrenal glands and helps prevent adrenal fatigue or burnout when stress does hit. Taking Maca powder daily may assist in improving your general energy, health and wellbeing long term.

Best product of Maca to use for energy, vitality and stress management in men: Activated Yellow Maca or Chocolate Maca daily.

Maca is considered the food of the brain and provides benefits like enhanced energy, strength and resilience to stress.

4. Maca can boost athletic performance and build muscle mass in men

Known for its muscle building and oxygen enhancing abilities Maca root has been consumed by warriors living high in the Andean mountains for centuries. With 40% less oxygen than at sea-level this kind of energy boost was much needed by men to run and fight at altitude and is claimed as one of the reasons why the Inca were able to conquer the whole Andes. Maca is used to build muscle strength, stamina, endurance and promote healthy brain function. A recent clinical trial showed that Maca benefits athletic performance and trial times in high-performance athletes. In addition to this, athletes who were taking Maca to better their personal bests also experienced an increase in libido. Traditionally black Maca is promoted more for it’s ability to build external strength, muscle mass and endurance, however it is often used in combination with yellow Maca to promote a more sustainable energy boost and enhanced muscle stamina. For athletes wanting to boost their athletic performance, build muscle, tone, sculpt and enhance their stamina and muscle endurance then fuel up on Maca before hitting the gym. Also if you are looking for better focus during events then swap out the sugar and caffeine for concentrated black Maca powder for a sustained energy boost with calm focus.

Best colour of Maca to use for athletic performance in men: Maca for Men daily and Concentrated Black Maca before workouts

maca for men workout

Maca can improve muscle mass, strength, stamina and athletic endurance.

5. Maca can improve fertility in men

Known for centuries in Peru as a fertility enhancing natural food Maca has been used by men that are looking to conceive. For men combinations of yellow and black Maca are taken daily and higher doses of additional black Maca on days leading up to female ovulation to increase fertility and sperm function. A review of clinical research has shown that in animal models Maca could increase the number of offspring produced and their survival rate. In another study it was shown that concentrated black Maca was able to increase both sperm count and function. Further studies have demonstrated improvements in sperm count in as little as 1 day after taking Maca root. For those looking to conceive, Maca powder should be an essential part of your daily routine and is a natural fertility enhancer in both men and women.

Best colour of Maca to use for treating fertility in men: Maca for Men daily and Concentrated Black Maca daily leading up to her ovulation (1-2 weeks).

maca benefits fertility

In men Maca can improve both sperm count and function, enhancing natural fertility.

6. Maca can benefit prostate function in men

For men prostate function is essential for producing semen, hormones, erections, urine flow and in sexual pleasure. Once above the age of 40 male prostate function begins to decline and the prostate can slowly swell due to inflammatory processes. This enlargement, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can cause a range of symptoms related to urination, or more serious bladder and kidney problems in the long-term (read more here). In a clinical study red Maca was shown to reduce prostate size and swelling in a dose-dependent manner. Red Maca was actually much superior to black Maca and yellow Maca in effectively reducing BPH. Most interestingly a further study showed that red Maca was more effective than finasteride for BPH in a head to head comparison. Maca offered the additional benefits of not interfering with testosterone production and DHT, meaning, it is operating solely acting on prostate size and function, independent of hormone. In the study participants experienced improvements in prostate size and function as well as increased libido unlike those on finasteride who found a loss of libido. This study demonstrates that all men could benefit from red Maca powder and that red Maca is definitely not just for women. Furthermore it shows that there is no interference with maca root and DHT production or libido. For men of all ages adding regular doses of red Maca to your diet may help you maintain a healthy prostate as you age. For those experiencing BPH we recommend daily doses of concentrated red Maca powder.

Best colour of Maca to improve prostate function in men: Concentrated Red Maca daily

maca benefits prostate function

Red Maca can improve prostate function in men.

Learn about how Maca benefits men and women

To best decide what Maca powder combinations to use for different conditions refer to section on treating with maca or for general information on starting on maca refer to our section – taking maca. Aligning the maca benefits with the right condition is very important as results can be quicker and more sustained.

Source -Selono Health

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