By Monica van de Weerd


Now that the seasons are changing and bugs are in the air, right about now is a good time to supercharge your immune system. Your immune system is the network of cells that are located throughout our body, particularly in the gut (almost 80% of your immune cells and tissues live there), as well as the skin, blood and other areas. The cells work together to prevent or limit infection from potentially harmful pathogens (like bacteria and viruses).
Scientists categorize the various immune cells in two main groups, the innate immune cells and adaptive ones.  The first line of defence are your innate immune cells, these are the ones that scout around and find potential threats and microbes that triggers a control alt delete response! The adaptive immune cells have an immune memory and they come in and mop up the remainder of what is leftover. If a pathogen has been in the body previously, they not only help to eradicate it they also replicate to build a stronger defence system in the future. As the novel corona virus (get our free 14-day healthy stockpiling shopping list, here) is new there hasn’t been exposure to it and no developed immunity, leaving us wide open to picking it up.
Having a strong immune system can help you to become less susceptible to bugs, colds, flus and viruses. You name it, it's out there and given the chance it will ratatattat on your door and want to come in!
When it comes to immunity and keeping your immune system robust and functioning well, a holistic approach works best. When you take into consideration all aspects of your life, such as sleep (7-9 hours per night), mental health (managing stress by practising self-care and mediation or yoga), diet, exercise  and hydration
taking care of these areas can help you stay well and less vulnerable to the onslaught of invaders that can compromise your immune system and overall health and wellbeing.
Following government and medical advice when it comes to Coronavirus is a good step to take to inhibit the spreading of such communicable diseases. These measures will not only help guard you from attracting and spreading the virus, they'll also help you with the more 'everyday' diseases that come about, particularly during the change of season- things like colds, flu and tummy bugs.
Most of us want to take as much personal responsibility for our health as possible. So, here’s where you come in! Your diet is another key aspect that can help keep you healthy and your systems running well.  
There are a number of foods that have immune-stimulating effects and it is easy to include them into your diet.
Some top immune foods to rotate through your meals are:

Dracula is out for the Count! It must be all the garlic in and around the kitchen and in our bellies. Garlic is a favourite bulb and, at the same time, it's full of antibacterial and antiviral goodness.

Bugs hate it when you Love Your Gut. With 80% of our immune tissue residing in the gut, keeping it clean and in tip-top condition will help it do its job.

Holy Shiitake! These mushrooms boast terpenoids, sterols, and lipids which have immune-boosting benefits. They also have good levels of zinc and the mighty vitamin D which is important for a healthy immune system

Bone Up on broth. The calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other essential minerals help build and clean the gut.

Turmeric which is a key ingredient in our Golden Gut Blend can help reduce inflammation in your body so that you can keep your immune system less busy and focussing on doing its job of protecting you! 

Try these immunity-boosting foods and let us know what you think!

Source : Lee Holmes. Supercharged Food

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