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The weight is over! Here's some healthy and effective ways to lose weight. Of course, the gut plays a critical (the most critical) role. A loved gut helps metabolism, waste removal, energy production and nutrient absorption. It's also the home of hunger, so keep it satisfied with healthy stuff. 

Lee Holmes, Supercharged Food founder and clinical nutritionist says: “In my clinic work and in hearing from the Supercharged community the new weight loss medications can play havoc on the gut microbiome. Some good daily practices can help your weight loss gains and even increase the effectiveness of medications and decrease their side effects.” 

But first things first. Can you be gentle on yourself if there’s a little ‘more’ of you? Letting go is a good thing. Delicious food is a good thing. 

Healthy eating patterns

The best way to lose weight is to steer clear of unhealthy eating patterns and focus on nourishing your body with real, fresh produce…eating and drinking too much and then punishing yourself with a detox diet is an unhealthy pattern.

Much better to get back to those healthy eating patterns. Take your time re-introducing lovely, local in-season foods. Take time to exercise (if possible weight training is great and anything that gets you moving will help work off the weight). Mostly, take time to enjoy healthy eating for all.

Start a new pattern today.

Clean Your Gut

It’s the key to weight loss. It’s really the key to most health conditions. A loved, clean gut is an efficient workaholic for your health. It processes and disperse the nutrition and hydration, and disposes of the bad stuff we consume.

A Supercharged suggestion is to increase your daily dose of Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder or capsules. The diatomaceous earth works in many ways - one is to help your gut gently shake off the undiscarded waste build-up. We can carry around 500g to 3 kilos in gut gunk. (By the way, it’s Australia’s no.1 natural gut health product!).

Partner up

Is your partner adding weight so 'there's more of me to love'? If you love to see a little less of them (in the nicest possible way, haha), get them on the gut love bullet train 🚊. More choo, choo, less chew, chew (urrgh we promise that's the last horrible weight gag). 

Anyway. Start adding Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder to their food. It's tasteless and superfine so mixes well into cooking or drinks.

Here's a free recipe ebook: Download your free Love Your Gut Powder recipe eBook here.

Get on the protein Pro Team

Another weight loss pro tip is to try including a source of protein at every meal. It decreases hunger and that “hungry after eating sensation”. Meat is not the only protein source, of course. There’s plenty of plant based proteins that’ll do the job. Think avocados, black beans and, the underrated, pea. Our Love Your Gut protein and fibre powders are flying off the shelves, just saying.

Way more water to weigh less

Water is a secret weapon in the weight wars. Drinking water can ‘load’ you up, leaving you sated and full. 

Fizzy mineral water is a perfect drink when you’re drinking. It not only keeps you hydrated, it helps fill you up, thus, hopefully, fingers-crossed, avoiding the party pizza. Supercharged tip: add a squeeze of lime.

Add a fruit cocktail to your water jugs. They look wonderful and taste even better.

Supercharge your walk-around water by adding some gut-loving Fulvic Humic Drops. A happy, healthy, loved gut will help discard the waste build-up in your digestive system and keep your gut metabolism off its little summer hiatus.  

Take your time, taking care 

When it comes to losing some weight for you and yours, time is of the essence. One day or crash diets don’t work. They’re usually counter-productive (counter-weight if you will, ha ha).

When it comes to weight - time will tell.

Microbiome Magazine by Lee Holmes
Grab your free copy here. You'll learn about how your gut is crucial to your health. 

Flick through the mag here.

Just a thought
Incrementalism. Instead of radical, immediate, wholesale change, try a little bit by bit. It works and good things take time.


The Supercharge Your Gut Team x

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